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Do I Need A Ring Light for Zoom?

December 28,2020

The ring light can give photos and videos more creativity. For example, bright light can bring positive and refreshing psychological to people and encourage consumption. A warmer light will bring people a comfortable feeling. In many online teaching or conferences, do you need a ring light for zoom meetings?

ring light for zoom meetings

If your studio has a perfect lighting design, or the huge floor-to-ceiling windows can filter out the sunlight, you may not have any light troubles. If you do not have such good lighting conditions, when you use skype or zoom for a meeting, you can choose the following lighting solutions:

1. Natural Light

Natural light refers to the light that enters the room from outdoor through doors and windows. This kind of natural light seems simple, but in fact it is the most difficult to control. The indoor natural light is obvious, which can easily cause uneven brightness and darkness.

If the natural light is used correctly, the lighting will very natural and layered.

2. Desktop Lamp

Generally, LED table lamp will be used to fill the tabletop light. Its characteristics are stable lighting, simple operation, adjustable color temperature and brightness, and perfect color rendering effect.

3. Fill Ring Light

You can buy ring lights specially designed for fill light. It can be a desktop light or equipped with a floor stand. The ring is making by a circle of luminous LED bulbs. These usually have multiple settings and functions, what kind of ring light to buy? It depends on your needs. At the best price, you can buy the perfect 10 Inch desktop ring light for less than $19.9 at AIXPI online shop.

fill ring light

How to Setup Ring Light for Zoom?

First, place the camera in the center of the light, not behind it. Ideally, the light is directed towards your face and body, making your face both bright and clear. The fill light comes with a diffuser, which does not produce the hard light, and there is no need to prepare a reflector to soften the light. 

set ring light for zoom

Temperature Control

The ring light allows to control the color temperature and brightness. This ensures that you can always choose the color temperature that suits your works, which is essential for things like YouTube video. Ring lights for online sale generally have a color temperature in the range of 3200K~6000K. Lower numbers indicate warmer lighting, while higher numbers indicate cooler colors.


Detachable parts will make your ring light easier to use for video than other lighting. It comes with a tripod and Bluetooth shutter remote control that can easily selfie, so you don't have to rely on other people or run back and forth between shots.

All ring light accessories are independent and replaceable. If any part of your ring light is damaged or any parts need to upgrade, you only need to spend the least cost without replacing the entire ring light kit.

ring light accessories


If you often have online meetings, a 10 Inch ring light may be the most suitable for you. It will not take up too much space on the desk, and 1000LM is enough to illuminate an area of the work desk.

The Best 10-Inch ring light for Perfect Lighting in Zoom

If you only need to illuminate a small area (such as a working desk), then this smaller ring light is a good choice.

The light is available in three colors: warm, natural, white and 10 different brightness levels (if you want to use it for taking pictures). It also has a diffuser housing that dissipates heat more effectively than plastic.

10 inch ring light

The phone holder can extend between 2.6inch -3.5inch and can accommodate most smartphones. The its shorter tripod, which is suitable for placing on the desktop to fill light.

If you need to do live streaming or portraits, the detachable bracket allows you to replace any height of the tripod such as 39inch, 59inch, 67inch, 71inch floor stand, so that it can be placed on the ground to perfectly illuminate your face.

LED Ring Light 6 Inch with Tripod Stand

If you need to travel frequently, you may actually prefer to use a smaller ring light and a flexible bracket, so you can enter work no matter where you are. Then the 6 Inch or foldable bracket fill light can be selected.

6 inch with tripod stand

The AIXPI ring light uses LED lights to make your skin look more three-dimensional and clearer. You can change the lighting settings to suit your lighting conditions and facial features.

The ring light is very convenient. It is compact and extremely bright. LED lights are truly energy efficient, so you don't have to worry about overloading. Since it can be charged in the USB port, you can charge it wherever you need it.


The Zoom application includes some additional settings that may improve the appearance. The zoom function includes the "Touch Up My Appearance" option to smooth the skin of your face. With the special lighting of the ring light for laptop zoom, you can not only teach online, selfies, and create video tutorials.

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