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How to Choose the Clip On Selfie Light for Laptop

April 28,2021

As organizations around the world quickly implement work-from-home strategies to slow down the spread of the epidemic, video conferencing has become the ultimate solution for connecting remote employees. Due to insufficient light, some participants are difficult to see during the call. Usually, they are backlit, only giving a silhouette. This article provides the best clip on selfie light to help you maintain your best condition in every call.

clip on selfie light

Laptop Webcam Lighting Kit with Suction Cup for Video Conferencing

The video conference lighting kit is priced at US$29.99 and is equipped with a small LED light board and attached suction cups.

suction cup webcam lighting

The USB cable for charging installs the built-in battery and the suction cup to the back of your laptop, monitor or smart device.

You can use the dial on the side of the panel to adjust the brightness and color temperature of the lamp. The additional tripod can place the webcam lighting panel on the desktop parallel to the line of sight.


Small, Light and Portable

1%-100% dimmable

Full spectrum color adjustable

Long built-in battery life (up to 14 hours)

Plug in the power source to charge and work


The suction cup needs to be installed on a flat surface.

The Selfie Lighting Kit with Clip and Tripod

The portable LED lighting kit is only US$29.99 and comes with a small light panel, a fixing clip and an adjustable desktop tripod. Ideally, you can adjust the height of the lights to be level with your eyes, and then place on the side of your computer or video conference camera.

selfie lighting kit with clip

You can power the light by plugging the light into the USB drive of the computer or directly into the wall. Use the switch on the cord of lamp to adjust the brightness.


Small and Light

Wide range of brightness levels (10% to 100%)

Powerful lighting (50% brightness can provide sufficient light)

Clips and tripods are easy to adjust and position the light to balance the light on the face


For some cameras, its lighting range may be too small.

6 Inch LED Ring Light, Conference Lighting Kit

The ring light is not directly clamped on the surface of the screen, but is supported by an adjustable arm. The arm is clamped on the screen and can be easily adjusted, rotated and moved the light that best suits your lens. It has ten brightness settings and three temperature settings (warm, neutral, and white), which you can change with the included switch.

6 inch ring light

10 Inch Desktop Ring Light for Video, Photography Compatible with iPhone Android

The lens is installed in a hollow ring in the center. This ring light comes with bracket tripod. The smartphone or camera is located in the middle of the ring, so selfies are bathed in uniform light.

10 inch desktop ring light

The AIXPI 10 Inch ring light contains 120 LED bulbs, which can be customized according to your needs, with 3 lighting modes and 10 adjustable brightness.

It supports a 360° rotatable tripod and universal mini ball head, which can provide the perfect lightning angle for your subject. With Pad-Tilt, you can fix your phone horizontally or vertically.


Simple, easy to assemble

Compact design

Adjustable tripod

Easily powered by USB device

Support horizontal or vertical installation of mobile phones


No built-in battery

Can't bear heavy weight

What to Consider to Buying a clip-on Ring Light for Laptop

Cost: Regardless of the lighting required for professional photography, many clip-on ring lights are within this price range. Affordable products meet excellent functions, and you do not have to spend a lot of money for an excellent home office.

Size: Mobility is not needed in professional-quality photo lighting. The ring light is a special purpose accessory, so it needs to be able to be easily connected and removed from the phone. In order to adapt to office design, many ring lights are small enough to be put in a pocket or bag alone, and the power is enough to illuminate the desk area.

Dimming: This will allow you to control the brightness of the light and avoid glare of light into your eyes.

Color temperature control: You can choose the option to control the color temperature will help you get the lighting color of the suitable scene.

buying clip on ring light for laptop

Adjustable position: To avoid shadows, you need to have the light directly above the camera, or have two similar lights on each side of the camera to balance the light on the face.

We have listed some tips to help you easily find the best selfie clip on ring light for Zoom. Most laptop ring lights are bright, portable and affordable. It also provides the best choice of lighting effects to make a serious meeting.

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