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How to Get Better Lighting for Live Streaming

May 21,2021

When you illuminate the live streaming studio, you want to make sure that your speaker, interviewee, or social media influencers is evenly illuminated. It is important to make sure that your lighting makes your lens likable and presents a clear picture to the audience. This article helps you to build the best lighting for online streaming.

best lighting for online streaming

Examples of Lighting Settings in Live Streaming Room

You want to consider all the lighting variables that will be processed. Where are you streaming? Is there a window? When are you streaming? Day or night? All these environmental factors will affect how your lighting settings.

When deciding on the best lighting solution, the goal is to illuminate the face and product with natural light and minimize shadows.

If your room already has enough natural light, you can place the softbox or desk light in any uncovered, usually at the opposite angle. Remember, the purpose of designing lighting is to reduce shadows.

lighting settings

Part 1: What lighting settings do I need and how should I place fill light in live video?

1.1 Rectangular softbox

To brighten up the decorations, curtains, and background walls on the left of the protagonist. In portrait photography, a common equipment.

1.2 Spherical softbox light

To highlight the front of the character's and the entire space. Why use spherical lights? Because the spherical light rays are 360 degrees, they can be distributed throughout the space.

1.3 Ring fill light

To brighten the left face of the protagonist. We have summarized a little trick, the protagonist’s face is more photogenic on the left, the main light is to the left, and vice versa, it is to the right.

fill light place live streaming

1.4 Ring fill light

Highlight the protagonist's right face. It can be seen that this light is far away from the protagonist, which is also called auxiliary fill light. There is a brightness contrast with the one on the left, which highlights the three-dimensional sense of the character. It is necessary to adjust to the most suitable distance based on experience to achieve the best lighting effect.


1.5 Ring fill light

Eliminate some dull parts of the protagonist's face. So, the position needs to be slightly lower than the face.


1.6 Makeup light with mirror

It can be used as a mirror as well as a ring light. In this scene, the mirror is also a reflector, which can be used as an auxiliary light. When there is enough light in the space, it is not necessary to turn on the light.

In film and video, the material of the reflective sheet is usually aluminum foil.


1.7 Space auxiliary light

Highlight the entire environment. Consider using spotlights or spherical lights.


1.8 Rear backlight

Highlight the background of the scenes.

Lighting settings are not fixed. According to different environments, role and products, different lighting schemes are used to create the most beautiful scene video.


Part 2: Q&A Studio Lighting for Live Streaming

2.1 Background is too dark

Change a white + multicolor to arrange the background, you can use a 3D background cloth.

live studio dark background

2.2 Facial light exposure, distortion

Change a piece of clothing, adjust the angle of the fill light, and illuminate the fill light to the side instead of hitting the face directly.

light exposure

Part 3: Best Lighting to Build a Live Streaming Studio

3.1 Photography Softbox Lighting Kit

If there is plenty of space, the softbox lighting kit is the best choice. It is easy to install, lightweight and cheap. Especially for professional, this is a good choice. By using an aluminum-plated fabric to guide light through the surface, the product can get scattered uniform light.

Aluminized fabric can be used as a very effective reflector. In addition, it can create soft light and eliminate shadows to ensure a perfect shot. This is why it is the professional fill light.

photography softbox lighting kit

3.2 LED Ring Light with Tripod Stand

If you are looking for the best lighting for streaming video, then a 10-inch LED ring light is the best choice. Ring lights can be used for dim lighting room.

In addition, with the adjustment brightness provided by led ring light, you can apply it to any lighted scene throughout the day.

It can adjust the brightness and temperature of the light color. This led ring light for streaming provides 10 brightness levels. There are three color temperature modes: white, warm white and yellow. The adjustable tripod stand allows you to have more designs for the image, and adjust the angle and height to the perfect fill lighting.

The led ring light for filling is suitable for beginners on Instagram or YouTube streaming. It is compatible with phones and DSLR camera. It connection to computers via USB, power banks and other electronic devices.

led ring light for filling


What is the best light for streaming? The good lighting settings can be very beneficial for social media influencer and can bring excellent value to any video. When buying led lights for streaming, you need flexible, efficient and DIY stream lighting to fit your creative studio.


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