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How to Position a Ring Light for Zoom

May 29,2021

The online zoom meeting is carried out in a small office, where there is generally poor light, resulting in poor video quality. Want to improve video quality and look better on Zoom? So where to place ring light for zoom? These simple skills will make you the focus of every zoom meeting.

place ring light for zoom

Where to Set the Ring Light for Zoom?

The ring light can be set around the lens. This means that the light on the object is fairly flat. Generally speaking, the lighting and the photographing area are directly opposite. There can be some distance between the light and the object to make the light appear softer.

Ring lights have a subtle effect, they will cause a slight shadow around the object and small halo. In addition, they provide a ring-shaped spotlight for the main object.

set ring light for zoom

Ring Light vs Softbox for Zoom

Softboxes are more like light modulators, so they are more versatile. You can place it in many locations to get the desired lighting appearance. You can place it almost wherever the camera is. Positioning may different, the suitable point of illumination comes from placing the light source above the object and tilting it slightly downward.

ring light for zoom

The fill light has different shapes and sizes, and different results can be obtained by adjusting the position of the light source. The closer the light to your subject, the softer or even the spread will be. Moving the fill light further away from the subject will cause some shadows and light attenuation.

The ring light has an adjustable strength. In some cases, the light Brightness and color warmth can be individually adjusted to some creative purposes.

Auxiliary Options for Ring Light Zoom Meeting

1. The secret of portraits is the light quality. Generally speaking, soft light is better than hard light. To look great in a Zoom meeting, you need to create soft lighting. The easiest way is to make sure you do two things: (1) Soft Portrait Fill Ring Light (2) Set up white reflective objects, and you can also use white or transparent curtains.

2. Use books to raise the camera to eye level

Generally, you don't want the camera to tilt up and look at you. You want to look at the camera on the same horizon. You will look more professional. The solution is to put your laptop on top of some books so that the camera lens is flush with your line of sight.

auxiliary options for ring light

Ideally, you want the Len’s sight level or slightly higher, please consider buying a tripod for fill light. You have many choices at aixpi brand, such as desktop tripod that can be adjusted in height within 20cm. And more ground tripod that can be adjusted in 180cm, it often used in professional photography studios or full-body portrait.

What Size of Ring Light is Best?

If you are a professional photographer for portraits, a larger ring light may be preferable.

On the other hand, smaller ring lights are more portable, so they can be easily taken outdoors for selfie. However, they are not as powerful as larger ring lights, so they are usually recommended for regular video, such as office conference, online video.

set up ring light for laptop

Where to position ring light for zoom? Hope the above tips have helped you put the ring light for zoom calls. There are also some keys that can be improved, you can get the scene of the zoom video conferencing through the lens, so as to ensure that what you see is what your colleague sees. Take a few photos on your phone (video will be better) and play them, you will know how you need to improve to get the perfect meeting video.


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