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How to Use Solar Motion Sensor Light

July 30,2021

Use solar sensor wall light to illuminate dark halls, garages, porches, decks, and backyards to ensure that the darkest spaces are always safely illuminated and accessible. The motion sensor lights can also prevent injuries and feel safer and deter potential home burglars with motion sensor lights, which activate when someone approaches your home. Read this article to learn how to set up outdoor solar lights?

 set up outdoor solar lights

Solar wall lights are often used in courtyards to use these walls mounted solar lights to improve the safety of roads and garden without damaging the walls. Environmentally friendly solar wall lights use motion sensors to turn on and off, ensuring that no energy is wasted, as they illuminate garage, garden and courtyards for you.

Garage Solar Wall Light

Use wall mounted solar sensor lights to keep the garage driveway well lit. Once you enter the driveway, the solar lights will be activated to improve visibility even in the darkest night. These lights can also provide security for your garage property and deter potential thieves.

garage solar wall light

Types of Outdoor Solar Lights

There are two main types of motion sensors for installing in indoor and outdoor. Outdoor motion sensor lights use infrared radiation or body heat to detect a space large enough for the sensor to tell the light to illuminate the space when a moving object approach. You can set them so that dogs or cats will not wake up the light when they pass by or under the motion sensor light.

Outdoor Solar Motion Detection Light

The motion sensor light is environmentally friendly and energy-saving. When there is sunlight during the day, it is charged by solar energy, and the mode of inductive lighting will save electricity. By turning off automatically when they not detect movement, you don't have to check whether the lights are turned off before going to bed.

outdoor solar motion detection light

Part1: How to Install Solar Motion Detector Lights?

Step 1. Turn the switch on

After the switch is turned to the “ON” position, the wall light only illuminates when the ambient light level is below 20 Lux and there is human movement detected.

Step 2. Find a Location in Direct Sunlight

Recommended height: 6 – 8ft (1.8~2.5m). The lighting time depends on the energy converted from solar energy during the day, which is affected by the intensity and duration of sunlight.

Step 3. Fix the light

3.1 Make a mark on the surface to be installed.

3.2 After drilling a hole in the wall with an electric drill, plug the wall plug into the hole.

3.3 Screw the bracket to the wall.

3.4 Mount the lamp on the bracket.

install solar motion detector lights

Part 2: How to Activate Sensor Motion Sensor Light

Disable Enable Sensor

Find the switch that controls the motion sensor light, then turn it off and on.

Part 2: How to Keep Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights On

Most lights do not light during the day, so you may only need the light at night. You need to active the night motion sensor light on, which can illuminate outdoor parties at night. SO, how to set up your solar wall lights outdoor motion sensor?

After installing a new outdoor solar wall lights, it is important to set up and adjust the motion detector settings correctly. Otherwise, your sensor light may not reach its function. You need to ensure that the detection area is not too wide or too low, ensure that the lights are not lit by passing cars, pedestrians, animals or other general movements.

2 pack 280 leds solar lights

3 Lighting Modes of Motion Sensor Light

3 working mode with remote control- solar flood light equipped with wireless remote control, control distance about 32ft.

Please Select the Lighting Mode You Need

1. Normal Light keep medium light at night

2. Dim Light Mode

No Motion/Dim Light

Motion Detected/Hight Light 30S

No Motion/Dim Light

3. High Brightness Mode

No Motion/No Lights

Motion Detected/High Brightness 305

No Motion/No Lights

3 lighting modes

  • IP65 waterproof, ideal for outdoor lighting in any weather conditions.

  • No wires or power connection, automatically charged in sunlight. Energy saving and environmentally friendly.

  • ABS housing material, great durability and firmness to a high performance and enjoy a longer lifetime.

waterproof outdoor lighting

Part 4: Get More Sunlight for Solar Outdoor Light

You should know which areas of your patio get the most sunlight during most of the day. This is essential to get the best performance from solar lighting. You need to pay attention to how the shadows of roofs, branches, other buildings, and any other obstacles stretch and move throughout the day.

Part 5: Charge the Solar Panel Before Installation

You can place it in the ideal location and charge it as much as possible. This will help you ensure that your lights can work immediately.

Determine Sensitivity and Work Range

Usually the solar sensor light has a body sensor, 3 meters sensor, 90~270° sensor angle. Test within the lighting range you need.

sensitivity and-work range


About how do I turn on my solar motion sensor light and set up, the above content can give you assistances.

With wide types of AIXPI LED solar motion sensor lights, your next solar motion sensor light buys online. Solar safety lights are a good choice because they only need solar energy to supply electricity. So, they have zero installation or ongoing electricity costs. It will only turn on as a smart light due to the motion of the motion sensor and so suitable for outdoor or independent courtyard use.

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