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How to choose the best 18-inch ring light?

February 17,2023

How to choose the best 18-inch ring light?

A floor ring light is a large ring-shaped light that sits on the floor and provides even, diffused lighting for photography and video. They typically have a range of brightness levels and color temperatures that can be adjusted to suit a variety of shooting scenarios. Some models also have adjustable height and angle, making them a versatile lighting solution.

AIXPI Ring lights have become increasingly popular in recent years, especially among content creators and photographers. These lights offer a soft, even, and flattering light that helps to highlight the subject's features, eliminate shadows, and create a professional look. One of the most popular sizes of ring lights is the 18-inch ring light, which is large enough to provide ample illumination but still portable and easy to use. In this blog, we will explore the benefits of using an 18-inch ring light and how to choose the best one for your needs.

ring light 18 inch
Benefits of Using an 18-Inch Ring Light: 

Even Lighting: The circular shape of the ring light provides even illumination from all angles, which helps to eliminate shadows and dark spots on the subject's face. One of the biggest benefits of a floor ring light is the even, diffused lighting it provides. This can help to eliminate shadows and provide a flattering, professional look to your photos or videos.

Soft Light:  The diffused light from an 18-inch ring light is softer than harsher light sources like direct sunlight or overhead lighting. This softer light can make the subject's skin appear smoother and more radiant.

Color Temperature Control:  Many 18-inch ring lights offer color temperature control, which allows you to adjust the light's warmth or coolness to match the ambient lighting or achieve the desired effect.

Portability: 18-inch ring lights are still portable enough to move from one location to another easily, making them ideal for on-location shoots or traveling content creators.

Size and Shape: An 18-inch ring light is a good size for most applications, but you should also consider the shape of the ring light. Some models are rectangular or square, which may be more suitable for some types of photography. Another great feature of floor ring lights is the ability to adjust the brightness levels. This can help you achieve the perfect level of lighting for your shoot, whether you need bright, crisp lighting or a more subdued, moody effect.

Color Temperature: Look for a ring light for makeup that offers adjustable color temperature to match the ambient lighting or to achieve the desired effect. Floor ring lights typically have adjustable color temperatures, allowing you to achieve the perfect lighting for your shoot. Whether you need a warm, yellowish tone or a cool, bluish tone, a floor ring light can help you achieve the desired effect.

Power Source: Some 18-inch ring lights are battery-powered, while others require a power outlet. If you plan to use the ring light on location, a battery-powered option may be more convenient.

Accessories: Many 18-inch ring lights come with accessories like a smartphone holder, tripod, or carrying case. Consider which accessories you need and choose a ring light that comes with those accessories.

ring light 18 inch

AIXPI ring light comes with hot shoe mount which is compatible with dslr, you can mount dslr in the middle of the ring light or on the top of the tripod stand. An 18-inch ring light is an excellent investment for content creators, photographers, or anyone who wants to take their photos or videos to the next level. With even lighting, soft light, color temperature control, and portability, an 18-inch ring light can help you achieve professional-looking results. When choosing the best 18-inch ring light for your needs, consider the size and shape, color temperature, power source, and accessories. With the right 18-inch ring light, you can transform your photos and videos and take your content to the next level.
ring light 18 inch aixpi

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