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Ring Light Accessories Kit

February 20,2021

Why do social media influencers use selfie ring light? The simple answer is that it can provide beautiful and pleasing professional lighting settings for the images and videos taken on the phone camera. Here we will introduce ring light attachment for phone. Here you have more understanding of LED ring lights for social media.

ring light accessories

Ring Light Tripod

A light standing tripod of any height and a multi-section lighting bracket can be easily fixed in place. The stand occupies a small area, and is very suitable for placing on small tables and floor. It has a 5/8" stud top and universal 1/4"-20 thread, which is very suitable for installing different photography lighting equipment and accessories

ring light tripod

High-quality AIXPI bracket, the height of the bracket can be adjusted at will, and it is easy to install. When not in use, it does not take up space and is very light. It is very convenient whether it is for live studio or outdoor vlog.

Before buying tripod for ring light, we must know the usage scenarios, portability requirements, camera equipment, and purchase budget.

Universal Rotating Smart Phone Holder

The multi-function holder can be adjusted for portrait and landscape shooting.

This easy-to-use setting allows you to take high-quality photos and videos on your phone instantly.

The 1/4-inch standard screw mount allows it to be mounted on a ring light stand, tripod or standard ball head attachment.

Combined with the hot shoe mount, the phone stand can be mounted on a tripod, and both can be rotated. Allows you to fully control the angle and placement of the phone when taking photos and videos.

T shape phone holder

Mobile Smart Phone U-Bracket

It is very suitable for shooting in vertical/portrait mode! After unfolding, it is easy to put in the most mobile phone, and the automatic contraction can stably hold most mobile phones.

mobile phone U bracket

360° Rotating Hose Mobile Phone Clip

YouTube channel or Vlog running by setting up a flexible phone holder is easier than ever. Used with a stand, tripod or ring light, this kit will upgrade your photos and video games.

rotating hose mobile phone clip

Equipped with adjustable universal mobile stand, including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Huawei devices, Android devices, etc. It also has rubber pads that protect the edges of the phone when installed in the phone holder.


Mini Gooseneck Hose

Adjustable universal phone holder, suitable phones for 4~6 inches (10~15 cm) phones

Rubber pads to protect the phone from scratches or abrasions

Easy to rotate

Universal 1/4" screw mounting screws

iPad Bracket and Holder

Meet iPhone 6, 7 or 8 Plus, iPhone X, Samsung S8, Samsung Note, Google Pixel, iPad mini, Microsoft Surface and most of smart device.

ipad mini holder

The setup is very simple, if you have a ring light, just screw this smartphone & tablet holder to the provided thread, and then install it to the center of the bottom of the ring light, and you can start shooting!

It is very suitable for use with all social media, including Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, and even real-time streaming platforms such as Twitch, Stories, YouTube!

Universal 1/4” Ball Head Bracket Mount

The camera/phone ball mount has a 1/4-inch screw, which can be used to install camera or phone holder. This Ball Head Mount is perfect for placing a compact camera or phone without a mirror on the ring light.

The universal ball head allows the ring light to be freely adjusted from multiple angles.

1/4 inch ball head bracket


The mirror can adjust the angle freely, you "adapt" to the angle of the mirror or the angle of adjusting the mirror to adaptation. For more complex makeup, it is an excellent design for a person whose makeup takes an hour or more.

Bluetooth Selfie Remote Control

The Bluetooth selfie remote control makes it easier for you to take selfies. The LED ring light has a Bluetooth remote control, so you don't need to touch your phone to start a video or selfie.

Replacement Tube Ring Light Bulb

The fill ring light can satisfy the fill light on the face and easily create a perfect skin glow. There is brightness adjustment button, which can change the light modes and brightness with the environment.

The 10” ring light replacing the bulb will produce accurate natural white light. It has a service life of 10,000 hours, and all replacement light rings have a 1/4" universal screw, which can be used to replace your other brand ring lights, such as Neewer or Diva ring lights.

Rainbow RGB Selfie Ring Light

This Colorful RGB ring light kit can meet all creative needs and take the visual effect to the next level. Choose from all the colors of the rainbow to generate fantastic photos and videos on iPhone or Android, and illuminate the atmosphere around the party.

replacement ring light

USB Charger Adapter

The power adapter has an ultra-compact design and can be charged quickly and efficiently at home, in the office or on the go. It is suitable for any iPhone, iPad mini or Android.

It is lightweight, compact design, easy to carry, compatible with other devices with USB devices, such as mobile phones, MP3, etc.

usb power supply

We have the largest and most variety of ring light accessories and parts in Europe, America, and even all over the world! From lamp holder, makeup ring light with mirror, iPad phone holder, smartphone holder, ring light backpack, LED ring lights and camera tripod, our multifunctional and practical led ring light attachment are perfect for your makeup and photography studio.

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