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Smartphone Video Microphone Kit with LED Light

March 13,2021

Smartphones are perfect for taking pictures and recording videos, but most smartphone microphones still can’t achieve the results. If you want to record professional audio with your smartphone, you need to connect an external smartphone microphone to improve video quality.  This article introduces you to the composition, installation and use of the best smartphone microphone kit 2021.

smartphone microphone kit 2021

The best 2021 Smartphone Microphone Kit for a Professional Home Studio

Microphone accessories:

1) 3.5mm TRRS to TRS audio output cable

-Used for cameras, voice recorders and other audio/video equipment with audio monitoring ports


2) 3.5mm TRRS to TRRS audio output cable

-Suitable for smartphones, tablets, and Mac computers.


Tripod for Microphone Kit:

Tripod Height Adjustment:

1) Before adjusting the height of the tripod, unlock the adjustment knob.

2) Rotate the knob clockwise, it is the mode of extending the tripod.

3) Turn the knob counterclockwise to lower the tripod mode.

tripod for microphone kit

The desktop tripod can be used to fix smartphones, LED fill lights and microphones. The advantage is cheap, can be adjusted in height, and does not take up more desktop space. Now smartphone camera video microphone kit has become the most mainstream tool for live streaming.

tripod adjustment

LED Fill Light:

It is composed of LED lamp bead panel, cold shoe holder, three-level brightness adjustment switch, power switch, and micro USB charging port.

The fill light has many functions, soft light, and easy to set up. It has become the main lighting tool for more and more social live streaming studios.

led fill light

HD Video Camera:

It depends on what smartphone you use and fix it on the microphone kit. Use high-definition cameras/video camera to live broadcast, you can get a clearer live video, and the video effect is even better. Combining some camera edit applications can make the picture softer, adjust and choose your favorite filter.



Loosen the fixed knob counterclockwise, adjust it to a suitable angle according to your own shooting needs, and then tighten it.

Adjust the length of the telescopic tube: loosen the fixed knob counterclockwise, adjust it to a suitable length according to your shooting needs, and then tighten it.

Converters and conversion cables need to be selected according to live streaming equipment. Outdoor vlogger will also use selfie sticks, anti-shake stabilizers, and mobile power supplies.



Fill light + Mobile Phone Holder + Microphone

Capture clear sound without any noise

Durable Premium Microphone

Very suitable for beginners

Affordable smartphone kit

wide applicability


The phone holder is not suitable for other heavy mobile devices such as iPad

There are no other problems


AIXPI W36 Smartphone Camera Video Microphone Kit Installation Guide:

1. Unfold the tripod and choose a suitable height.

2. If there is no height requirement, the mini ball head can be directly installed on the tripod. After installation, please make sure that the knob is in the locked state.

3. Install the mobile phone, PTZ, LED panel light, etc. in sequence.

4. Finally, plug in the microphone plug and TRRS adapter cable.

aixpi smartphone camera video microphone kit


The AIXPI smartphone video recording kit is a best choice for low-budget vloggers. Those who don't want to buy a cell phone holder and microphone separately can use this Smartphone Video Microphone Kit.


It is equipped with an exquisite mobile phone holder and a durable and durable and clear voice microphone, adjustable brightness fill light panel, it can make your vlogger kit suitable for most live environments, different natural light environments, live studios, outdoors, etc. All in all, this is the best microphone kit you can choose.


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