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The Best Clip on Ring Light for Desk

March 23,2021

For many people, virtual web meetings have become the new normal, and they are learning tips and tricks to make online lighting easier and more successful. One of these tricks is to ensure that your camera has the correct lighting. One of the more popular light for online conference is the clip on led ring light. This article is about clip on ring light reviews.

clip on ring light reviews 

The Clip-on Selfie Ring Light gives you more options for lighting angles. You can try angles and equipment. Try to use your phone or laptop with the camera in the holder provided. Then, you can put the laptop in the place that suits you best while teaching, instead of spending more time to set the camera and fill light.

6 Inch LED Ring Light with Clamp Mount for Desk, Laptop and Webcam, 3 Dimmable Color & 10 Brightness Level

This ring light is a clip-on option. It has multiple filters and is also dimmable. The adjustable mount means you can fix it on the desk or laptop and adjust the brightness as needed.

6-inch size to better support the video chat and meeting. The size of the light is just right, you can clip to the top of the laptop screen. If you want to use it on the front camera of your laptop, it can easily get stuck on the screen. The USB charger can also be plugged into a laptop well.

Color and lighting mode can be switched with just one button, you don’t have to spend any extra time on non-meeting matters.

6 inch led ring light with clamp mount

AIXPI Selfie Ring Light with Phone Lazy Bracket for Live Streaming, Makeup, Reading

The small clip on desk lamp can also be used as a night light and reading light. The long gooseneck allows you to clip it wherever there is room, and then adjust the light to get the best position.

You can choose between three color modes: white, warm yellow and warm white and 10 brightness levels to experiment.

The USB socket also means that you can power it at home from a power adapter such as a laptop or wall socket, and you can also power it from a laptop or mobile power bank while outdoor.

aixpi selfie ring light with phone lazy bracket

2k Webcam with Microphone, Ring Light & Tripod for Computers, Skype, YouTube, Zoom

If you want to upgrade your online office, why not buy a HD camera with a built-in ring light? This saves time, trouble and money. It can work with Zoom, Roll20, Loom, Screencast without any driver.

The most important thing is that it is the 2K HD webcam for you, improve the video quality, but also provide supplementary lighting, built-in microphone, auto-focus and other functions. A real tool can create an online classroom and online video for you.

In general, you can choose between white, warm yellow and warm white to adjust lighting. It can be easily installed on the laptop screen, or it can be installed separately on the desk using a tripod. This design is ideal for those who wish to use it for many meeting and video chat.

2k webcam with microphone ring light

How to Use Clip on Ring Light

The clip-on selfie ring light for desk is just like a standard ring light, but smaller and without a stand or tripod. They are clipped on top of the laptop to surround the camera sensor.

1. Refer to the instructions of the ring light for assembly. If you don't have a tripod or stand, you may need to connect it firmly to a place where it can be secured.

2. Place the ring light stand or tripod on a flat surface and adjust its height.

3. Connect your camera to the center part of the stand or tripod so that it is completely surrounded by light. It is up to you to position it in portrait or landscape mode.

4. Open the selfie or camera application to test the image and readjust the height if necessary.

5. Turn on the ring light, and then use the dimmer to adjust the brightness.

Once set up, you don't have to spend time doing these things every time, just keep them from moving. Of course, if you need to change the place of work, then lighting settings will not cause you too much trouble.


Most photography lighting kits are not cheap. Fortunately, with the AIXPI Selfie fill light, you can make beautiful videos and professional meeting effects in poor light environments. These lamps provide well-scattered light and provide the best brightness. The clip on makeup ring light is light and simple enough to be an excellent alternative for office and travel work.