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The Best Tripod Stand for DSLR

May 06,2021

Getting the best tripod stand is important. The tripod can be used for self-portraits, shake-free still and macro photo shooting. There are professional tips on how to buy the best tripod stand for DSLR and mobile?

best tripod stand for dslr

1. Camera Tripods

The length and height of the floor tripod are very suitable for long-vision photography. It has a wide foot that can be firmly placed on the ground and stable. After shrinking, it can act as a selfie stick to meet the needs of selfies in a wide range of scenes. The conversion method is very simple. You only need to twist the top to stretch legs, and the tripod can be flexibly adjusted to different heights.

camera tripod

When a mobile phone or camera is paired with a Bluetooth remote control, it can control shooting within 10 meters. Micro photography, selfies and family travel photography, for freehand photography without compromise.


2. Desktop Phone Tripod

Although a floor-standing tripod is convenient, it is heavier. You can choose a lighter phone tripod. There is a small mobile phone holder that integrates a tripod, a selfie stick, and a Bluetooth remote control. It can be held in your hand to meet the needs of scenes such as selfie and recording.


Small in size, it can be easily put into a backpack, and it is very good when it is placed on the table when traveling and gathering. Because of its lightness, the desktop tripod for mobile phones can adjust the angle, and supports horizontal and vertical shooting.

phone tripod

Lightweight and easy to hold is a necessary function. If a desktop tripod is used with a camera SLR, the tripod may be unstable due to the weight of the camera.


The difference between a phone tripod and a camera tripod is mainly in terms of the adapters. The mobile phone tripod is generally a ball head, a three-dimensional head or a simple 180° rotatable head. It may also be just a stand, which is fixed to a tripod with a mobile phone clip. When in use, fix the phone on the mobile phone holder, and then connect the mobile phone to the Bluetooth remote control to shoot.


Factor for the Best Tripod for Macro Photography

What need to be considered when buying a tripod stand?


Load Bearing

How much weight can the tripod support?

Many beginners in photography buy a tripod that can only support light equipment rather than heavy camera. What happened in the end was that a certain fulcrum of the tripod could not be supported, which could cause the camera to become unstable and affect the photo quality or even damage the camera and lens.


Always make sure that the weight supported by the tripod to be purchased is at least 1.5 times or more of the total weight of the camera and lens.



I always recommend that you buy a tripod that fits your height so that you don't have to bend down and look into the viewfinder. After placing the camera on the tripod, the viewfinder should be within your sight. This allows you to adjust the lens to suit more scenes, whether the sky, mountain waterfalls or flowers on the lawn.


The foldable tripod is easy to carry when traveling. You need to pack it in your luggage and carry it with you.


Simple Tips for How to use Your Tripod

Find your composition and perspective

Unfold the tripod

Put the tripod in a flat position and fix the angle


Adjust Height

Adjust the height and angle of the tripod to a suitable position to ensure that the tripod can be placed on a level surface stably, and lock the legs and the central axis. To meet the shooting height, consider the extension from the foot tube with the largest diameter, and finally raise the center axis.

adjust height

Fixed Camera

Tripod with Gimbal 

Tighten the quick release plate to the screw hole at the bottom of the camera, and then fasten the quick release plate together with the camera gimbal.


Tripod without Gimbal

Use the bolt in the center of the tripod to fix the camera. In this case, pay attention to whether the size of the bolt (screw) is the same as the size of the screw hole at the bottom of the SLR camera. Generally speaking, the size of the screw hole at the bottom of the SLR camera is 1/4", and the size of the middle bearing carrier plate bolt is 3/8".


A good tripod stand is a lifetime investment. If you buy a selfie ring light with tripod stand that is easy to disassemble and assemble, you can easily use it or even clean it, allowing it to accompany you on your photography journey.


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