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What Ring Light Do for TikTok

June 08,2021

Making perfect videos is not only an expensive SLR cameras are equipped with excellent lenses, you also need excellent lighting. Creating your video with a suitable ring light will help you increase the viewer of video by at least 2 times. What ring light do tiktokers use?

what ring light do for tiktok

The ring light was originally made for medical or dental purposes. Today, it has gained tremendous popularity. Because the ring light is easy to use, it is the most popular among YouTube vlog and makeup artists, and it is suitable for photography beginners and professional YouTubers.

How to Use Ring Light for TikTok?

1. The design of the fill ring light, which allows users to place their camera in the middle of the light so that you can focus on specific details.

2. Use the ring light with its diffuser when taking photos, you will get a perfectly balanced light that evenly shines on the face or subject.

3. The circle fill light will produce a beautiful halo and shadow, which outlines the subject you are photographing. It creates a very interesting shadow halo around the protagonist, adding drama to the image. It is also perfect to emphasize details.

ring light halo angel eyes

4. Install the ring light at a high place far away from the camera's field to get a beautiful background or separate the subject from the background.

5. There color options: cool, natural and warm, and has 10 levels of brightness, so there is a total of 30 levels of brightness. Not only the brightness, you can also change the mode and switch between warm and cool colors. Only a ring light, you can choose the best lighting for your tiktok videos.

ring light color mode option

Another important ringlight accessory set up for TikTok is the smartphone holder and tripod bracket. Put it on a tripod, it can keep your phone upright vertically or horizontally. No need to pray that your phone will not fall from the window or table when you put it on a glass of water. You can place the tripod anywhere in the room whether it is on the floor or on the table, as long as it is the angle you want to show to your fan.

smartphone holder

When you are looking for the best ring light for TikTok videos, the AIXPI brand is sure to provide great products. They are making quality fill light for you to enjoy artistic creation and buy photography device at the cheap price.


Video Conference Lighting Kit for Laptop & Webcam

This is the best square ring light for tiktok. It is lightweight, easy to assemble, and carry in pocket. It has three lighting settings. The most important part is that it cannot only be fixed on the computer screen, but also equipped with a desktop small tripod, which is light and portable. In my opinion, this price is very worth your cost.

square ring light tiktok light

AIXPI Selfie Ring Light with Phone Lazy Bracket

If you need a selfie ring light & phone holder in one, then this 6-inch selfie ring light is your best combination choice. If your budget is very low and don't want to try different ring lights, then you can choose this combination ring light kit. This is best small size ring light for TikTok.

selfie ring light with lazy bracket

It's easy to set up, and there are many useful features. The bracket can be adjusted to make it shorter or taller, the lighting mode &brightness is adjustable, and it has warm, nature and cool color settings.


AIXPI 10 Inch Desktop Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

Affordable & Favorite

This AIXPI ring light is one of the most affordable 10 Inch ring lights on the market and has been highly praised. With 10 brightness settings and 3 lighting modes with different warmth levels, many have noticed that it is effective and easy to assemble. In addition, its tripod and USB power system mean it can double as a chic desk lamp.

10 inch desktop ring ligh


Good lighting is the key component of a great photograph or video. Your phone can record good quality videos, just make sure there is enough light. To ensure that your TikTok content is the best quality. Go try and find the tiktok ring light cheap price that suits you. AIXPI fill ring light is ready to prepare the best social media lighting kit for you at any time to make your share channel more brilliant, which is the meaning of AIXPI.


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