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What is a Professional Ring Light Kit

June 08,2021

The effect of professional beauty light is usually uniform exposure and less shadow and dark area, which is very welcome to the influencer and the social media! In addition, the best ring light for professional photography can also create a ring-shaped eye, just like wearing a cosmetic contact lens, which obviously makes the eyes look more aura, especially when taking short videos and close-ups of the face.

ring light for professional photography

Professional Ring Light for Photography

The ring light for photography can be placed directly in front of the subject to bring a uniform light effect without blind spots, but it can also be placed in other places. It can be used as a lighting and the actual effect is not bad.

Because of its "hollow", you need to place it a little further away to increase the brightness of the light so that the light can be softened. It makes the skin look livelier and smoother, and as a reward, the eyes become lively.

professional beauty ring light

The unique shape of professional beauty ring light makes it a photography lamp with its soft box. Maybe you need to adjust some basic parameters (color temperature, brightness, angle, tripod height etc.) during use, but its light effect is much better than that of ordinary photography Illuminated lights.


Professional Makeup & Vlogging 18 Inch Ring Light


The professional ring light is 18 inches (48cm) wide and is equipped with a total of 240 LED bulbs. The best part of this ring light is that it is extremely bright. If you are use it in a smaller room, the ring light will illuminate the entire room. This is enough for photo and video creation. For professional photography, there will be no shortcomings in such lighting.

professional ring light kit


You can adjust the color temperature of this 18 Inch ring light from 3200K to 6500K, providing users with a variety of options, so that their videos can get the perfect flowing light. "K" stands for Kelvin and is a measure of temperature. Temperatures above 5000K tend to be cooler white or blue, while temperatures below 5000K tend to be warmer. Daylight tends to be between 5000K and 6200K.


The stepless dimming range is from 1%~100%. With the screw button, you can adjust the light to any desired brightness. Brightness adjustment is not a level change, but a seamless brightness change.

The professional ring light has an impressive CRI (≥83), which means that the color accuracy is very high.

Two-Color Filter:

In addition, the ring light is made of sturdy and durable materials, which means it has a longer lifespan. The ring light comes with white and orange color filters, and the included white and orange filters allow you to adjust the lighting to fit your space. By adjusting the color balance, you can create different photo or video atmospheres and make the ring light match with the surrounding color balance. For example, match your skin tone to your light balance for a warm and natural look.

two color filter

Bracket & Tripod:

The ring light is equipped with a durable aluminum alloy tripod bracket, and the height can also be adjusted from 19.67" (50 cm) to 71" (180cm). Newer ring lights use less energy than most other ring lights on the market, making them more economical and environmentally friendly to use.

ring light bracket tripod

2 mobile holders and a hot shoe adapter so that you can install and use a digital SLR camera, mobile phone or iPad for photography.

Portable Suitcase:

The professional ring light kit is more compact and can be split into lamp body, bracket, mobile device holder, etc. and then put in a small suitcase, so you may need to try a few times before you handle the settings and disassembly, but other than that, this ring light can be easily used for shooting in any studio space. It is very popular for beauty bloggers and who work from home, and even outdoor travel video bloggers.

professional 18inch ring light kit

Professional ring light equipment usually has a maximum size of 18 inches. If you are looking for a ring light to record makeup video or provide natural light for video applications, then a wider range of professional ring light with stand is the perfect choice.

The Bottom Line:

What is the best brand ring light? If you are building a brand and want to expand your online social media influence, whether through social media, websites or YouTube channels, then AIXPI ring light is committed to provide the best for beautiful photos and videos Ring lighting.

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