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What is a Ring Light Used for?

January 16,2021

Have you ever encountered a situation that you shoot professional portraits but the light is too dark or the shadows are too harsh? In this case, you may find that many photographers use the camera's flash or other fill light to fill in these shadows. So, what is the benefit of a ring light?

ring light used for

What is a Ring Light?

The ring light is designed as a circle, you can set it on a tripod or bracket, and then place the camera in the middle of the ring so that the lens is completely surrounded by light. It can install the camera in the centre of the ring light like a lens hood, helping to evenly distribute the light on the subject. It is a circle of small LED bulbs, which is energy-saving and light.


What's more important is that the setting is very simple, so you don't need to spend too much time to adjust the lighting for your creation. Most ring light have a simple charging system, which can be turned on with the click of a button!


What are the uses of the Ring Light for Live Streaming?

The unique ring-shaped light can make the face receive more uniform light, more three-dimensional, and bring filling light to the skin, making the skin whiter and smoother!

ring light for makeup live streaming

Ring Light can Replace the Softbox as the Main Light

When shooting in rainy, or the shooting in a place with insufficient light such as the interior of a building or the woods, in order to better highlight the subject, express the texture of the character's skin and clothes, or to obtain a suitable shutter speed, ring light is required.


Selfie Ring Light Before and After

Adjustable Uniform Light for Portrait

The light is dark or in the woods, and the brightness of the subject is increased by filling light. Based on the bright light and the unique ring design, it can not only bring a unique ring light, but also make the face receive more uniform light. It has a three-dimensional effect and brings light to the skin, making the skin more white and smooth. The 30-level dimming allows you to switch at will and find the colour temperature of the ring light that best suits your skin. 

ring light for portrait

Ring Light for Macro Photography

When facing objects with strong contrast between light and dark, your photos will be destroyed. In many cases, dark shadows and overexposed are inevitable, and ring lights can help reduce them. Due to its unique shape, the ring light can help diffuse the light in a more balanced way and ensure that there are no strange shadows on the surface of the object.

ring light for macro photography

There are Three Types of Lights used in Photography:

Reflector: This is an economical and practical light tool. It is cheap and easy to carry, and the angle of light can be well controlled by changing the distance and reflection direction. The disadvantage is that in gloomy or dark places, the effect is not obvious, and even loses the fill light effect.


Portable Flash: This flash light is small and very convenient to carry. The highest synchronization speed can often reach 1/8000 second. The faster the shutter speed, the smaller the flash coverage.


Fill Ring Light: The photographer uses a special flash to create soft and even light for portrait and macro photos. Unlike flashes, the ring light will continue to light up, and you can always see your state in the lens when you turn on the light. There is no momentary light that will make you blind.

fill ring light

What is the Benefit of a Ring Light

The brightness and colour temperature can be switched freely. The external soft cover makes the highlight light softer and more uniform, which is more suitable for beauty live streaming, wedding, product photography, and selfie fill light.

 food photography uniform light

1/4 Inch universal interface, fixed knob, convenient and fast, suitable for all kinds of brackets, tripods, etc. Any part of ringlight kit can be replaced and upgraded.

The disadvantage of using ring lights is that because they are small and do not have a large bulb inside, they have a limited range of light and are not suitable for shooting larger scenes.

However, if you want to shoot portraits or macro photography and only need to take a very concentrated picture, then the ring light may be the most affordable photography lighting solution you can get.

How to Use Your Ring Light?

Because the small LED ring light is light enough, you can carry the ring light with you. When you are traveling or any activity place, you can put the LED ring light in front of your face is the easiest way to get perfect lighting.

ring light used for live streaming

What's the Purpose of a Ring Light?

For more creations you want, you may need larger or smaller ring lights to match your photography. In addition to upgrading the spare ring light, you can also purchase other accessories and tripod to support the LED lighting kit.

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