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What is the Best Ring Light Attachment for Tripod

July 02,2021

The tripod stand is your trusted friend, compatible with most ring lights. This will provide you height, stability, and unlimited angles and selfie photos. Some ring light attachment allow you to attach the ring light to a tripod so that you can use the ring light fill your camera! How to put ring light on tripod?

ring light attachment for tripod

Universal 1/4" Mini Ball Head

Mount the ball head and camera to the tripod head. The tripod neck attachment allows you to mount the ball head to the center post of the tripod. This allows you to mount the camera directly to the head of the tripod, adding extra stability.

universal mini ball head

Multi Angle Rotation

You can easily adjust the ring light to the angle you need, set the perfect beam angle to illuminate your face or whole body.

multi angle rotation

Ring Light Phone Holder

The ring light smartphone holder is designed to support most mobile phone sizes between 6-9 cm in width, and can even accommodate iPad and iphone devices.

ring light phone holder

How to Setup Ring Light with Stand?

The ring light settings is very simple. If you already have a ring light with a phone holder, just screw the bottom of the smartphone holder (1/4-inch thread) to the ball head of the camera holder. And then let the phone holder catch the phone.


When you only need to fix the phone, you only need to the mobile phone is directly mounted on a universal camera tripod with the ball head. Anyone who wants to take clear pictures will like the ring light and the uniformly concentrated light it provides. This way, you can completely release your hands when you are doing game streaming.

ring light for game streaming

The most obvious benefit of a tripod is that it provides stability and avoids camera shake, allowing you to get a clearer effect. Our tripods and equipment are lightweight and easy to carry, with a slim and compact design that will not make you feel heavy! Very suitable for use on the go.

camera tripod

The best thing about the smartphone stand is that if you decide to switch to shooting with a camera, you can unscrew the stand, which means you can easily switch between shooting with your phone or camera as needed.

How to Put Ring Light on Tripod

1. After connecting the phone holder to the ring light, you can now install the ring light on the tripod. Please check your tripod user manual to make sure it can support the weight of your camera and ring light.

2. Locate the threaded hole at the bottom of the ring light.

3. Tighten the tripod 1/4" screw to the threaded hole, and then tighten the plate.

4. By loosening and tightening the screws on the neck of the bracket, you can adjust the angle of the light ring.

how to put ring light on tripod

Ring Lighting - The Complete Beginners Guide

Put the light in front of the subject, and the camera will shoot at the center of the light. For mobile phones, then this lamp comes with a mobile phone holder. The special structure of the ring light makes it a light source with a built-in soft box, so that the video and pictures often have uniform light and very few shadows, which are very popular among beauty live streaming.


Social Media Lighting Tips

This kind of ring light can be placed in front of the main body for uniform illumination without blind spots. But it can also be placed in other positions and used as an ordinary photography light. For example, if we put it at a higher position of 45° on the front side, the three-dimensional effect will come out.

ring light social media

If you have two lights, then one of them can be used as an auxiliary light, and the light can be arranged at the diagonal position, which is approximately this position (the upper left 45° is the right rear 45°) as a contour light. Or we can separate background and create a sense of space.


Ring Light for Product Photography

This ring lamp is also very suitable for shooting some product unboxing video and reviews, or mini videos of product show. Of course, if you have a food blogger, you can also take pictures of your creation.

ring light for product photography

My favorite is a top light and then a front side light. When we are shooting overhead, the lens can shoot directly from the center of the ring light. If necessary, you can also block it to control its lighting range.


Lighting for Macro photography

When we use a macro lens, we need to be close to the subject, the light is easily blocked by the lens. Through the ring lighting of the ring light, the lens can be inserted into the ring light center, which can block out some shadows.


AIXPI has the widest variety of ring light accessories and parts! From ring light tripod stands, iPad holder, smartphone holder, Storage bags and camera stands, our functional, beautiful and practical ring light accessories series are perfect for all your ring light photography and video needs. Use the ring light mobile accessory to upgrade your Instagram or YouTube works and get professional results in the next shot.

aixpi ring light attachment

How to setup ring light with stand? You need to assemble all the ring light accessories attachment and place them in the right place. Easily get the perfect portrait fill light.


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