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Why Has My Ring Light Stopped Working?

July 09,2021

I bought this ring light, used it for about 10min and it starts flickering and eventually turns off, why is this happening? or is there a fix? What problems did you encounter when use the ring light? This article is about why is my ring light not working. You can learn some problems and solutions and hope it can help you.

ring light not working

The Ring Lamp LED Bead is Damaged

After the LED lamp is turned on, some of the lamp beads do not light up, so you can be judged that the lamp beads are damaged. The damaged led bead can be seen with the eyes, there is a black spot on the surface of the lamp bead, which proves that it has been burned. Sometimes the lamp beads are connected in series and then in parallel, so for common faults, you may see a quarter of ring light does not light up or a certain part.

led bead is damaged

A Few Lamp Beads are Damaged

If only one or two lamp beads are broken, we can repair them by these two methods:

1. Find the broken lamp bead and connect the metal at both ends of it with a wire. The effect of this is that most of the lamp beads can light up normally, and only the broken individual lamp beads do not light up, which has little effect on the overall brightness.


2. If you know soldering, you can buy the same type of lamp beads and replace it yourself (Most ring light LED chip is 3528 SMD). Heat the old lamp bead with an electric soldering iron until the glue on the back of the old lamp bead is melted, and then remove the old lamp bead with tweezers. At the same time, install the new lamp beads while it is hot.


If a large number of lamp beads are damaged, it is recommended to replace the entire lamp bead board.


LED Ring Light Won't Turn on

Plug in another USB port that can provide 5V, 2A power.

Note: Some computer USB ports cannot provide enough power for the ring light to work properly.


What Caused the LED Ring Lights Flicker?

Another thing that usually causes LED bulbs to flicker is a loose connection or circuit. This is easy to fix. Just check the connection line of the LED light and tighten it to solve the problem. If there is a lot of dust in the lamp, please blow off the connection point to remove the dust, and then put the bulb back.

led ring lights flicker

It may also be that the wiring of the light connection point is loose. If multiple lamps are dimmed at the same time, the electrician will check the panel and/or junction box to ensure that all connections are properly secured.


Light Dimmer

Some new dimmer switches may not be compatible with LED lighting, or you may have installed non-dimmable lights in dimmable fixtures. Carefully read the labels on the bulbs and fixtures and make sure you have a suitable bulb to solve this problem. The power rating of the dimmer is also different, depending on whether the light is LED, incandescent, etc. Restarting the dimmer may also be the most effective way.


It is Not Connected to the Ring Light Remote Shutter

Replacement Remote Shutter Battery.

Delete all wireless remote connections.

Turn on/off the selfie remote control multiple times.

Turn on/off the Bluetooth settings of the mobile device.

Restart your mobile device.

ring light remote shutter

Ring Light Maintenance and Storage

When not in use, unplug the ring light and remove any mobile devices from the phone holder.

Do not store the ring light in a place with high humidity such as a bathroom.

Do not store the ring light under the sunlight.

To clean the ring light, wipe it with a soft damp cloth.

Do not use any harsh chemicals.


Your LED ring lights is broken? They malfunctioned after you replaced them? You should first check whether your LED lights are damaged due to external influences or burned out for no reason. In this case, you should use a brand ring lamp. AIXPI ring lights help you make high-quality videos without delaying your work due to malfunctions.

aixpi ring lights

These are how to repair ring light. Now, start making videos for YouTube, TikTok, Instagram or any other social media. Video calls have become a part of life, if you encounter any problems with ring lights, please leave your doubts below to discuss with us.

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