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The Best Cheap Microphone for Vlogging

March 23,2021

Although many video recording cameras have built-in microphones, in addition to poor audio, the biggest problem with built-in microphones is that they are designed to record everything around them. You may end up being disturbed by a lot of environmental noise. If you want to optimize video recording, the two devices you need are camera and microphone. What is the best microphone for vlogging? It contains all the audio and video requirements you need.

best microphone for vlogging

What Kind of Vlogging Microphones Kit for YouTube Videos?

If you want to prepare a YouTube studio with a microphone kit, which microphone you choose depends on the type of work? For example, USB microphones are very suitable for people who stay in the office. However, if you are doing a yoga video, draw or other active, you will need a portable smartphone microphone kit.

vlogging microphones kit

Although it is not possible for a YouTube beginner to spend a lot of money to buy a quality microphone, you should pay attention to audio quality. Any poor details may cost you a lot of opportunities.


Do You Need an External Microphones Kit for Smartphone?

If you are a vlogger and want your content to be compelling, then you absolutely need a microphone for video. Yes, the camera used for video recording does have a built-in microphone. However, the built-in microphone tends to pick up all the wrong information, including environmental noise and wind. If there is no clear and pleasant sound, no matter how perfect the video picture is, it will not be able to retain your audience.


AIXPI The Best Budget Smartphone Video Kit

If you are using a smartphone to your video blog or media studio, you can find the best external microphone for vlogging for your budget. This perfect kit is less than US$50, and it has everything you need, including a microphone, tripod and even LED fill lights. There are also some auxiliary functions such as noise reduction, vibration reduction, and ergonomic design.

aixpi smartphone video kit

You will not regret the sound quality provided by this microphone.

Equipped with a shock mount and windshield, it can help minimize movement and wind noise, resulting in a clear video. Battery-free, it can be used with all DSLR, cameras and all smartphones with 3.5mm audio input jacks. This is an ideal podcast YouTube starter kit.

handheld tripod

The tripod and gimbal can be folded and placed on a desktop or beside a laptop, or can be used as a handheld handle after being folded.


The Phone Holder can be installed on the gimbal of the tripod and firmly hold your smartphone through its rubber coating, while the LED light panel is installed on the top of equipment to provide better lighting for the lens.


As a basic all-in-one kit, you can use this microphone kit to turn your smartphone into a mobile station. The microphone is mounted on the top, the tripod supports everything, and the LED light and your phone is mounted on one side.


Fancy & Soft Video Light

The mini LED Light is built-in 2100mAh rechargeable battery and Includes an upgrade silicone soften light diffuser, makes the light softer, no dazzling. Features warm & cold light LEDs that are adjustable to 0-100% brightness levels & 5600k color temperature to fit any situation. Provide an even & pleasing illumination. Great Vlog kit for Vlogging, broadcasts, YouTube, TikTok.

fancy soft video light

360°Adjustable Phone Holder with Cold Shoe

This unique design phone holder supports 360°rotation, allows your phone to be set vertically and horizontally, the cold shoe mount on the phone holder suits for the LED photography light and microphone, multiple assemble ways according to your needs.

360° rotation phone holder


LED Fill Light (36 and 49 LED lights to options)

Applicable to almost all smartphones

The tripod has adjustable height

Tripod can place the phone vertically and horizontally

Microphone with professional shock mount


You can hold it in your hand and shoot any scene in action without worrying about video and audio.

microphone video kit with led light

It is undoubtedly the ideal vlogging microphone for beginners. If you really think it can help you improve the quality of live video, please buy it on AIXPI store. The official products are guaranteed for quality and service. If you have any questions, you can leave a comment or contact me on the website.

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