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What is the Best Ring Light for Videos

September 16,2021

Video conferencing, especially when working at home, brings huge benefits to productivity and quality of life, so fill ring lights are more popular than ever. The best video conference lighting for remote working to get the most professional video call effect. This article is about how to choose ring lights for remote conferencing.

ring lights for remote conferencing

LED Ring Light Instead of Ordinary Light

Usually, you want light to fill the room and illuminate the wall behind. You also need a ring lamp to illuminate your face and body. The most economical way to improve the appearance of a video conference is to replace the light bulb. The led ring light for streaming video with adjustable color temperature and brightness can obtain the same light as all light sources.


Why do people use ring lights for fill?


Video shooting

Product photography


live streaming

TikTok content

Instagram content


Is Ring Light Good for Video?

In terms of live streaming and video recording. LED Ring Light kit is best for shooting still photos or single-angle videos of a single subject that does not move around.


Many content creators don't realize how easy and efficient it is to use ring lights. No matter what the photographer thinks of it, buying a ring light is one of the best investments. Compared with other professional photography equipment, a good ring light is really not too expensive, and the results it brings are enough to surprise you.


AIXPI 10" LED Ring Light Kit with Tripod Stand & Phone Holder

If you need an inexpensive ring light, please check this 10-inch ring light from AIXPI with 59" stand and phone stand. It clamps your phone in the center of the light for video chat, and is equipped with an adjustable tripod and different light modes and brightness levels, so you can really adjust your appearance.

aixpi l218 ring light with tripod

The 59" stable tripod can withstand 8KG light ring and camera, which shows that its stability does not need to be doubted. Adjustable performance makes it perfect for desktop, face, half or full-body photography and video.

universal 59 inch stable tripod

This ring light is a mainstay for TikTok stars, professional YouTuber, and social influencers who want to make their video looks best. They provide good lighting for your face even when you use it as a fill light for Zoom calls.


UHD Camera with Ring Light for Online Chat

The ring light is around on the camera lens. The ring light installed on the monitor allows you to quickly choose suitable office lighting. Its light output includes three brightness levels, and touch can help you change the brightness level in low light conditions to capture the perfect moment by reducing shadows, noise, and reducing blemishes.

uhd camera with ring light

The curved polypropylene cover plate fully diffuses the light and provides soft, complete and uniform lighting. Generally speaking, the ring light is suitable for photography and video conferencing, especially if you want to improve the clarity and quality of network video because of the low pixels of the notebook camera.

camera with dimmable ring light

Purchasing an item can accomplish multiple purposes. Only need to connect via USB to obtain 4K camera for your online video conference. At the same time touch to adjust the brightness of fill light to fill your meeting room.



The device can switch the brightness mode at will.

It is USB powered, no need to install any software and drivers.

It does not require additional batteries.

Its clip will not leave scratches.

It comes with a desktop tripod. When you don’t want to clip it on the monitor, you can also install it on the tripod and place it on the desktop.

ring light for zoom meeting


If the clip is not fastened properly during use, it may fall off.


Conference Fill Light Kit with Tripod for Desk Table

conference fill light kit

This conference lighting kit comes with all the tools needed to successfully for video conference or zoom call. It includes a built-in rechargeable LED light, adjustable brightness and adjustable color temperature from 2500k~6500k. It is small and portable and can be carried anywhere. The 200mAh built-in battery can provide up to 30 minutes of uninterrupted lighting without hurt eyes, heat or glare. Adjustable brightness can provide a softer and more eye-care uniform diffused light.

for video conference or zoom call

The package includes: a diffuser, a clip fixed to the display, a charging cable and an extension tripod. Tripod bracket, you can use this accessory to put the fill light on the desk with any angles and positions.



Full color temperature range

Adjustable brightness

Universal tripod for smartphone and pro camera

2000mAh built-in battery, support video conference

Small and portable

easy to install


No Bluetooth function for remote shutter

The AIXPI brand gives led ring light feature of reliability and quality than other photographic equipment manufacturers. AIXPI ring lights come in a variety of sizes, but the 10-inch variety is most suitable for digital content creation. It is portable enough to be used for outdoor photography, portable and the weight is not heavy.


That's it, the AIXPI led ring light for video is small, light, and easy to fold. The bracket can be folded in the backpack and can be carried for taking photo video at any time. The bracket pole can be assembled and transformed into a selfie stick, multi-purpose design, no need to worry about being restricted by the photography scene and multi-angle shooting. The tripod base adopts a triangular stable structure and aluminum material, which can ensure the stability of the photography fill ring light while convenience to carry out.

aixpi led ring light for video

The Bottom Line:

Adding a ring light to your meeting room has become the most fashionable method, and it can bring surprising results in online meetings and video recordings. Take action to choose and learn ring light setup for video conference.



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