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What is the Role of Ring Light

January 23,2021

The led ring light is a ring lamp for fill, but refers to the light emitted by the ring light spreading to the subject. In addition to being suitable for macro photography, it is often used in portrait, because it can bring us a different kind of lighting effect. What is the purpose of ring light?

role of ring light

LED ring lights are not just for selfies, most professional photographers use them, especially if they specialize in portraits. The camera is installed in a ring center of ring light. This ring light comes with bracket or is mounted on a tripod. The smartphone or camera is located in the middle of the ring, so selfies and photography are bathed in uniform light.


Ring Light can Overcome the Defects of Lighting in Photography

When photographers are shooting macro subjects, they will use flash to fill light. When the lens is too close to a subject, it may block the light from the flash and affect the subject's exposure. In addition, it is difficult for us to take satisfactory photos in a lighting environment with unbalanced exposure of subjects.

But the best selfie ring light can solve this problem. Its ring design solves the problem of fill light, and it also provides uniform illumination for the subject. As long as set up the right light, we can create unique works.

I. Lighting More Uniform

In macro shooting, the ring light can provide us with sufficient and uniform light, allowing us to shoot with a faster shutter, so that we won't miss some wonderful moments.

uniform lighting

When you want to take art or portraits photos, it will cost a lot of money to layout to lighting in a photography studio. A ring light can make the photos you take with clear exposure and attractive colors.

II. Details are Clearer

When shooting photography, use a ring light to evenly illuminate the model, so that the shadows presented will be softer and not too abrupt, and the details are very clear. When micro photography, the closer to the subject, the effect It will be more obvious.

details clearer

If you choose to photograph small objects, the ring light is your ideal companion. Its uniform illumination is very suitable for macro photography that requires soft light. Install the camera phone in the center of the ring light. The combination of ring light kit and camera can magnify things clearly and vividly, and the details can be fully displayed.


III. Portraits Angel Eyes

Using the ring light photography for portraits can add a special ring-shaped catch light in the eyes, making model look more energetic and eyes are more beautiful.

portrait social application

Ring lights are a very popular studio lighting kit in the live streaming. You will find that youtuber and social media enthusiast place the ring light in front of them. The ring light can emphasize details and hide shadows only through its inherent circular design. The soft light hides wrinkles and blemishes, making it ideal for portraits and makeup tutorials. I don't know if you have noticed it. The ring light is a circle. This large aperture will create angel eyes during the live broadcast, making the people in front of the camera more beautiful and moving.

. Assistance Video Creation

When in use, the ring light is used as the light source for video and micro film beginner. The ring light produces a fascinating halo and shadow, which clearly outlines the subject of the photo or video. This provides a vivid and professional appearance for video. For more professional videos, Softboxes or flash lights can be supplemented with ring lights such as the ring light kit or more fill lights combination.

ring light for video creation

How to Setup Ring Lights for Videos?

The correct and most popular way to use a ring light is to place the ring light in front of the object or face, and then place the camera in the middle of the light to get the best lighting angle.

Use the switch to adjust the brightness and color mode according to the surrounding environment or needs.

Do not leave the ring light too far away from the subject. Keep the light close enough and try different distances to find the ideal range. If the light is too far away, the model's eyes will not see those cool circular spotlights.

To get the best ring illumination, try to keep the subject in the center of the ring light. This will make the sides of the face glow evenly and they will not be too close or too far from ring light.

The Bottom Line:

If you have an online business through social media to build a brand, then the ring light will help provide perfect lighting for professional photos or videos. You can find many types of the ring light that youtubers use and accessories that meet your needs on the AIXPI official website. Another great feature is that led ring lights are small and easy to carry, so if you are going to travel and want to take some macro photos, you can easily carry these selfie ring lights.



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