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Where to Buy a Ring Light in Store

April 09,2021

Ring light like any other popular products, have a lot of fans and reviews. They come in different sizes and types, suitable for different shooting scene. The best ring light for you will depend on your photography and what you intend to achieve from the fill light. I want to have such a perfect product, so where can buy the ring light available near me?

ring light available near me

Where Can I Purchase a Ring Light in Store


If you are looking for a ring light, you can use it right out of the box with little trouble. This is a good choice.

The AIXPI 10-inch ring light is a no-brainer and affordable option, there are three color temperatures ("white", "warm white" and "warm yellow") and 10 levels of brightness.

It includes a phone holder and a small desktop tripod, making the whole package relatively compact and easy to install and disassemble.

aixpi 10 inch ring light

This is very useful for content creators who work on the table at home. The USB power supply completes the feature set and keeps your phone charged while working.

It is likely to be lower than your budget, because as long as you have an Amazon Prime, you can get free shipping and receive your favorite gifts within a few days.


Walmart is ring light shop is ring light shop near you, which may be in line with your daily choices. You can try it, and then pay to make sure you won't buy products you don't like.

You can easily find cheap ring lights online. In fact, ring lights are one of the cheapest studio lighting options, and they are good value for money. Many online ring light stores have regular sales and transactions, so if you want a lower price, please continue to check on your favorite website.


AIXPI designs camera, ring light accessories for professional photographers and novice enthusiasts. They have a wide range of tripods and lighting options, all of which are highly regarded in the photography industry and are one of the most popular ring light brands in Europe and the United States. The really eye-catching product is 10-inch selfie ring light kit. It has been used as the tool of choice by YouTubers, live streaming, makeup artists and selfie.

aixpi ring light accessories

All products can enjoy free standard shipping, to any place in the world. If you want faster delivery, you can choose express delivery, and we will process the order for you according to your customized needs.

In some special festivals or promotional activities, you may also enjoy an unexpected 5~10% discount on the entire site.

As long as you have a favorite light, click to Buy Now and worry-free shopping, we will handle the order for you.

Our ring light online store provides all the ring light size and accessories you may need. In addition, each order has a 24-hour delivery time and satisfaction guarantee.

You can DIY ring lights at home

There is nothing difficult with making your own ring light at home, but it is not as effective as a professional ring light from a real ring light brand. Making your own ring light may be a good way to test a ring light of the desired size before buying.

diy ring light at home

1. Parameter

When choosing a ring light for camera, you must to check the hardware performance of the light, the size, brightness, color rendering index, and color temperature of the ring light. When buying ring light online shop, you can only find out whether the product meets your needs from these parameters on the page. If you have more information you want to know, you can also contact customer service online to obtain. They will be willing to tell you.

2. Adjustable Color Temperature

When the light in the photography studio changes a lot. You only need to adjust the lighting settings through the buttons to adapt to the studio lighting, without spending a lot of time and energy on lighting. AIXPI ring lights for live streaming provide adjustable power and color temperature. You can check and compare. The fill light needs to be selected and can be adjusted with three-color light (cold light, warm light and yellow light). A lower color temperature (3200K) produces warmer (more orange) light, while a higher color temperature (5600K) produces cooler light.

Generally speaking, a larger ring light is preferable to a smaller ring light because it will softer light at longer distances, but a smaller light is easier to carry.

3. CRI

Some ring lights provide red, green, and blue color control through clip-on diffusers or RGB LED beads built into the ring light, which exceed the standard color temperature.

Color accuracy (measured in CRI or TCRI) is another variable in the ring light, but for most content creators, most models can easily get a high enough score. However, if you are concerned about truly accurate color reproduction, look for the highest CRI you can find.

4. Additional Functions

For example, when purchasing a ring light, details such as the position of the mobile phone holder, the power supply, the adjustable degree of the lamp, the telescopic adjustment range of the ring light tripod and so on.

5. Durability

The products of the AIXPI brand are designed with exquisite pattern on the back, which not only provides the appearance, but also has the function of heat dissipation, stable performance and long service life. The aluminum alloy metal of the bracket provides a high degree of stability.

ring light for camera

6. Budget

Taking the issue of social media beginners, investment is the first consideration for many people, so the recommended AIXPI brand has the most important reason - the price is kind and it doesn't sacrifice its due characteristics.

Where can I purchase a ring light in store? For more options of ring lights, you can browse AIXPI online store and chat online with our customization experts. Otherwise, you can browse our review to help you choose.

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