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The Best Ring Light for Beauty Bloggers 2021

October 29,2021

If you want to improve makeup skills to a high level and create a professional beauty teaching channel, you need to have the beautiful lighting for vlogging video. As a makeup artist, good lighting with high-quality LED ring lights is essential to create the best makeup video. This article lists ring light for beauty blogger 2021, designed to help you choose the best option for your beauty blog.

ring light for beauty blogger 2021

Why do You Need a Ring Light for Makeup?

The LED ring light is very useful when you are makeup yourself or for others

Because it allows you to become clear in the color, background and tone of each makeup step. If the light is insufficient, sometimes too much blush, highlighter or some eye shadow is usually added.


What is the Best Lighting for Makeup Blogger

Natural sunlight is the best. It is transparent, delicate and natural, always making sure to look for the nearest window to take full advantage of natural light. Your makeup will look vibrant and match your skin tone eventually. But most of the time in actual work, your makeup work must be in the room, so the light will always be unsatisfactory.

best lighting for makeup blogger

So, you will see dimmable LED ring light in many beauty studios. It is very suitable for makeup blogger selfie and video. If you are a beauty blogger, then the ring light must be your favorite item.


The ring light consists of small LED bulbs, and adjust the brightness and color temperature by the controller. This lamp is not only cheaper than professional photography lighting, but also smaller in size. You don’t have to worry about ring lights taking up more space and difficult to take to different makeup studio.


18-inch the 48W Stepless Brightness Dimmable LED Ring Light Kit

One of the best features for this ring light is the color rendering index and can help you make videos with a very realistic look and feel. It also comes with professional built-in camera holder and retractable tripod, no need to buy a tripod separately.

18 inch led ring light kit

Stepless dimming allows you to create almost any type of lighting environment, which is obviously a great thing for beauty video bloggers. Soft, shadowless and clean light transmission, dimmable control allows you to adjust the brightness to the desired lighting output and video effect. The color temperature is adjustable, warmth and natural sunlight, which is very suitable for professional makeup artists and beauty blogger.


If you don't want white light, but want to feel natural sunlight, there is also an orange diffuser. Similarly, if you pursue a pure white appearance, you can also use a white diffuser.


The floor tripod can extend from 19.3 inches to 71 inches allows whether you want a tall tripod for dancing around in your room or a desk ring light for makeup, it can fit your creative needs perfectly.


The 6-inch desktop ring light with phone holder & 2 tripod stand is the best makeup ring light we have chosen, especially when you are record beauty video with a smartphone.

6 inch desktop ring light with 2 tripod

It is equipped with 2 tripod holder and a mobile phone holder for your smartphone that can be adjusted 360 degrees and is powered by USB. The dimmable 6-inch LED ring light has 3 light modes and 11 adjustable brightness settings. The three lighting modes include white, warm yellow and warm yellow + white.


This is an affordable ring light for beginners, suitable for makeup blogs, makeup close-ups, portraits and makeup artists using smartphones.

10 Inch Selfie Ring Light for Beauty Influencer

The 10-inch desktop ring light is perfect for creating content on YouTube or Instagram. It comes with a mobile phone holder, which can be placed in the middle of the light, and you can get the perfect, even light spread on your face in the phone camera. It has a tripod stand that can be placed perfectly on your desktop or dressing table, allowing you to make makeup vlog content, and offer perfect illuminated self.


With 3 different modes and 10 level brightness, it is the perfect companion for your makeup blog.

 10 inch selfie ring light

How to Create a Successful Makeup Photo & Video Blog?

1. Lighting positioning is very important

The lighting should be placed at the level of your face. If the light is placed above you, it will cast a shadow. Shadows are your enemy and may eventually lead to a failure of your makeup video tutorial.

lighting positioning

2. Correct brightness

The correct lighting setting of the brightness and the range of the filtered color can be adjusted according to the situation and purpose. For videos, I recommend using natural light settings and natural filters.

lighting brightness

3. Background and camera

Avoid dark backgrounds, white sparkling backgrounds and choose simple backgrounds. Of course, HD professional camera help you to get the best video material.


Buying and setting up ring lights will improve your makeup skill. I hope you refer this guide and ring light review to help you to be a professional ring light beauty blogger.

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